Originating from a wooden barrel of wine that our great great grandfather made in the late 1800’s in the South of Italy that turned out to be vinegar - many generations later The Vinegar Factory was established in Australia.

When it became obvious during this process that we were born to continue his legacy, we decided vinegar over wine as we knew we could continuously produce it’s original great taste.

The conversion of our small vineyard into a Vinegar Factory and after many years of product development we are now able to produce and supply a high quality, consistent tasting and ever expanding product range. 

It was not only Vinegar making that was handed down. Our surprisingly popular Olive Oils and Apple Cider Drinkshave also been released. It is our pleasure to now share our vinegars, oils and apple cider drinks for all to love and enjoy, just like our family and friends have done privately for so many years.

The Vinegar Factory products are to be used to create delicious, memorable and zesty meals for your family and friends.

Enjoy. The Vinegar Factory Family

The founders

australian balsamic vinegar bottle
Australian BALSAMIC VINEGAR 250 ml
The Vinegar Factory
from $9.95
caramelised balsamic vinegar of australia
The Vinegar Factory
from $14.95

Fresh local produce.

We are farmers and know how to grow, source and select healthy, fresh and tasty Australian grown produce.

From the freshly harvested grapes to make our vinegars, the plump ripe olives used to produce our olive oils, the sweet fruits chosen to lavish our drinks, to the fragrant herbs used to infuse and enhance our extra virgin olive oils.

We grow, source and select only the finest quality products, the majority of which is grown locally in Yenda - located in the heart of New South Wale’s Riverina Region.

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